Portrait of Jane Manush

Jayne Manush



Jayne joins the Life Wheels On team from Alabama. After graduating from Auburn University with a major in Exercise Science in 2014, she returned to her hometown of Mobile, AL to attend the University of South Alabama to pursue a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy. She then began working as the occupational therapist at an Adult Day Program in Birmingham, Alabama serving adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. It was there that she developed an interest in seating and positioning and all of the varying components and team collaboration it requires. Motivated to help those she worked with to be more independent in mobility and have appropriately fitting mobility equipment, she applied for and passed the Assistive Technology Professional examination to be more knowledgeable in seating and positioning, a certification that less than 10 occupational therapists had in Alabama at the time.

Get to know me

Being outdoor enthusiasts, Jayne and her husband decided to leave the south and move to Denver. In her free time, Jayne enjoys playing guitar, biking, hiking, running and camping.