Portrait of Dr. Laura E. Morgan

Dr. Laura E. Morgan



Dr. Morgan completed her Master’s in physical therapy Boston University (BU) in 2005 and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2012 also from BU. Dr. Morgan first learned about wheelchair seating from the nearby MUSC seating clinic while working at her first job at a rehab hospital in Charleston, SC. This work motivated her to pursue her Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) certification in 2007 to continue to improve the wheelchair ordering process for clients. Dr. Morgan worked for large hospital systems for several years but learned their processes did not always meet the individual needs of the wheelchair user. Therapists often recommended equipment with limited understanding of the patient’s home environment and rarely saw the final product themselves. Patients also had difficulty returning for follow up appointments for assessment of fit and training on new equipment. Life Wheels On solves these problems by having the wheelchair assessment and training in the patient’s home environment.


Dr. Morgan believes in patient centered therapy and the importance of working on goals that are important to each individual person. She also believes in the importance of objective outcome measures to be able to demonstrate progress to patients, physicians, and insurers.

Get to know me

Dr. Morgan has lived and worked in the Colorado Springs region since 2009. When not working as a physical therapist, she sells her husband’s artwork, www.jasonamorgan.com. Dr. Morgan and her husband both enjoy living in Colorado, trail running, hiking, reading, and chasing around their active young son in the wilds of Green Mountain Falls.