Life Wheels On works with people who have limited mobility from pain, disability, stroke, amputation, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, spinal cord injuries and other conditions. Here’s what clients have to say:




“Knowledge on the subject far beyond any of the other therapists I have encountered in my experiences!”

“She expressed an overwhelming care and love that is very rare in the medical community in this day and time.”

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Shirley- RN with Cheyenne Village

“My facility Cheyenne Village (A facility for Intellectually and Developmentally Adults) has used Life Wheels On for many of our client’s over the past 4 years and I have been very impressed with the thoroughness, professionalism, astute assessments, respect, ethics, patience and their exceptional knowledge and skills in providing PT in the client’s home.  I would highly recommend Life Wheels On for all of our client’s.”


“I feel safer, it drives a lot better so I can get out better, ramps are smoother, its more maneuverable, the tilt works better and the chair goes up and down, the chair makes me more independent.”

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“With my old wheelchair I had leg and back pain, with my new wheelchair I have almost no pain!”


“I am more comfortable and I can now transfer in and out of the shower with no problem, it also helps keep me upright.”




“You are my hero. Thank you for your persistence in getting this wheelchair right for me. I haven’t been able to reach my cabinets since getting the wheelchair and now I can reach them again. You are the only person I have ever worked with in the wheelchair industry who ever actually followed through over and over again to make sure everything was right. I can’t thank you enough!