Life Wheels On began in 2012 when Dr. Laura Morgan noticed a gap in service delivery for patients obtaining new mobility devices such as wheelchairs and scooters.  Laura performed mobility assessments in hospital systems for years and could see the patients’ needs were not being fully met.  The system was designed to quickly check off boxes for insurance but created problems for patients. Therapists were making recommendations without seeing the final product in use or seeing the patient’s home leading to poor outcomes.  Appointments were rushed not allowing patients time to test drive equipment and important information was missed leading to equipment problems after delivery.  The process was focused on meeting insurance requirements, not on what was best for the patient.

The LWO Difference

Focus on patient outcomes:

Our primary focus is optimal outcomes for our patients.  LWO meets necessary insurance requirements but keeps the focus on the patient.  We listen to our patients to ensure the equipment they receive is going to meet their needs.

Wheelchair/Scooter Trials:

LWO coordinates with the DME company for our patients to test drive equipment prior to ordering.

Clinical Experience:

LWO therapists have combined >60 years experience and complete extensive training for wheelchair seating and mobility.


LWO provides an in-home assessment prior to ordering a wheelchair or scooter to ensure it will work in the patient’s environment.  Most outpatient clinics do not provide this assessment which leads to inaccurate equipment recommendations that do not work well for the patient.  LWO has worked with many patients who received assessments at outpatient clinics and ended up with a wheelchair or scooter that did not work for them.

Follow up:

After the wheelchair or scooter delivery, the LWO therapist returns to the patient’s home to ensure the equipment is what was ordered, fitting well, meeting the patient’s goals, and that the patient is able to use it efficiently and safely. LWO collaborates with the DME supplier to assist with any necessary adjustments after delivery.  Our patients learn significant safety functions and other features to improve their use of their new wheelchair or scooter at the follow up appointment.

Individual approach:

We believe that everyone who uses is a wheelchair or scooter is unique and so our process can be adapted to the unique needs of each individual patient.  Some of our patients need to receive equipment as fast as possible and others need more time to trial equipment and explore options.   We offer flexible scheduling options to best meet the patient’s needs and achieve optimal equipment outcomes.

Specialty service:

To perform mobility assessments well requires clinician expertise AND accurate documentation.  If the therapist is inexperienced, it leads to inappropriate wheelchair or scooter recommendations and poor outcomes for the patient.  If the documentation is not completed correctly, it causes delays in equipment or denials from the insurance company.   It is important for the assessment to be accurate as the patient will be using the equipment for at least 5 years and any changes after delivery are very difficult for insurance approval. These evaluations are a specialty area of therapy and not offered by all therapy clinics.

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